Company profile

The history of Hispacold dates back to the 70s. It started out as part of the Seville-based passenger transport company, Casal. Casal’s growth had led it to integrate a major bus repair workshop. This, together with the array of buses from all over the world servicing the streets of Seville, the city’s high temperatures, and the steep price of air conditioning equipment, prompted Casal to firstly specialise in repairing air conditioning systems, then move on to manufacturing their own systems and, lastly, to set up a separate business.

The factory is designed based on a lean manufacturing philosophy, working to eliminate unnecessary waste, minimise necessary waste and focus the work in areas that add value to the product. Adopting this philosophy helped them to become a more efficient factory.

And now, they are in the midst of embracing the challenge of industry 4.0, defining how they will move forward with changes to the model covering all areas of their activity across the board.